How To Choose The Leather Vest That Screams Biker

Let’s jump right in. This is the place to get the facts about the custom leather biker vest. No gimmicks. I get it. You don’t need just any vest. You’re looking for something that will say “you” to all who see it. It should feel as if it was made just for you. Buckle in for a wild journey.

Begin with the quality. Imagine sitting two vests next to each other. One looks worn but dignified. The other looks like it will cry in the slightest bit of drizzle. Which one would YOU choose? Congratulations if your choice was the first one! You must have full grain leather. The leather ages like fine wines.

The art of craftsmanship is where the real flavor lies. Imagine someone in the workshop, surrounded generations of tools, who puts their heart and their soul into each stitch. This is what we’re after. We’re looking for that. Hand-stitched gear can tell a tale.

The end of the little trip we took through Vestville. (Yeah. I made that one up. Don’t forget that the “best”, leather motorcycle vests aren’t determined by brands or price tags, but instead how they feel when you zip them up and take them off.

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