Paint Your Interior: An Adventure In Painting

The joy of painting the interior of your home! You’re cooking a gourmet dinner for the first You have your vision (the recipe), your ingredients, (the tools and paints), and an audience eager to see the finished product. Where do you begin?

Picking colors can be overwhelming, but also exciting. It’s like choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream at the fancy new creamery in downtown. When you first see the raspberry ripple, you think that you want mint chocolate chip. You might be all set to paint a soothing blue, until you hear “Bam!” This bold yellow is a wink at you, promising sunny mornings even when it rains cats and dogs.

Let’s talk about the finishes, because they are a huge deal. Imagine them as the topcoat of your nail polish. They can make or ruin the look. Matte finishes can hide imperfections in walls but if you wipe spaghetti sauce on them, you will wish you had chosen a glossier finish.

Most people want to save time on the preparation work. Do not be the person who cuts corners. It’s like not putting water in the pasta pot. A disaster is just waiting to happen. Before you begin painting, move furniture, repair any dents and scratches, and use elbow grease to thoroughly clean the area.

Remember that patience is not only a virtue, but a necessity when it comes to painting. Gravity is your friend when you start from the ceiling. If you spend time learning how to tape-free cut edges, your work will look as sharp as a chef’s knife.

What do you think? I don’t mean just stepping back to admire your work. I’m talking about during the entire process. If you take the time to slow down, you can see magic in the squelch and dance of paint on rollers or brushstrokes against walls.

It’s okay to call in professionals sometimes, no matter how excited you are, or how many DIY videos have you watched. You’d be like someone who admits that making croissants isn’t something everyone can do when there are many bakeries around.

While we are making our homes beautiful, let’s also remember that Mother Earth deserves some love. We can all breathe easier by choosing paints that are less toxic.

What have we learned from this experience? What have we learned?

Every stroke of paint can transform your space, and every mistake can be a story to tell over dinner. And every room you finish is a new chapter in your home’s history.

Grab those brushes and get to work! Rome was not painted in one day.