What Is Breast Augmentation And What Do You Need Know?

Breast augmentation is probably something that has crossed your mind if you’re a typical Houstonian woman. Most likely, you’ve thought about how enhancement surgery could improve your look. Most likely, you know someone who has had breast augmentation surgery. You may even have family or friends that have done it. It is the most popular cosmetic surgery today. Every year, hundreds and thousands of augmentation surgeries are performed. You can find a lot of information about the procedure on the internet.

Breast augmentation techniques have evolved and been fine-tuned through the years. It’s a tried and tested cosmetic procedure, which is safe and efficient. The majority of women report that they are very happy with their results, and will recommend it to family and friends. You can achieve a womanly appearance by increasing the size of your cup and firming up your breasts. Maybe you’ve had a child and breastfed, or perhaps you’ve lost weight. These events can impact your breasts, and therefore your body. It could be you’ve never felt comfortable with a small breast size and are looking to increase it.

After you have decided to undergo the procedure, you’ll need to find an experienced plastic surgeon. You should interview several potential plastic surgeons. The surgeon will ask for a full medical history, and assess your current health. It is essential that you set realistic expectations regarding the outcome of your surgery. Your surgeon will show you before and afterwards pictures of the surgeries he or she performed. This is a great way to help you decide on the amount of increase that you desire.

Anesthesia generale is needed to reduce discomfort during breast augmentation. The position and method of inserting the implants is determined by your breast size, shape and other elements. The location of your incision depends on the type and size of the implant. Your surgeon will do everything possible to hide the incision and make it as small as possible.

You should always do your research before choosing a Houston breast enhancement surgeon. The plastic surgeon you choose must have the knowledge, expertise, and proficiency required for the procedure. He should have board certification and experience. Our plastic surgeon head, Dr. Patrick Hsu at Memorial Plastic Surgery, is exceptionally skilled and has extensive experience in breast augmentation. Our staff is happy to set up an appointment with the doctor. The doctor will talk to you about any possible risks or benefits associated with breast enhancement.

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